Silvia Piza-Tandlich: No Embroidery Fear!

By Silvia Piza-Tandlich: SanJosé, Costa Rica. Fiber artist and owner of Galería Octágono, a textile-based community project.

A person embroidering for the first time in his or her life would most likely stumble upon the same stitches requested in the Spiral Textile competition.

These are stitches inherent to the very basic relationship between the foundation fabric, and the embroidery fiber used.

It is not surprising that many textiles from the period in question could have disappeared along with the hairy animals that contributed to their making. But we can pretty much guess what this very sophisticated culture did in terms of “painting with yarn.”

“El Diablo” detail. 8th Krosno Decorative Linen Biennial. Krosno, Poland. Jury Recommendation
“Totem 1” detail. Textile Art of Today Triennial, Slovakia-Poland-Hungary-Czech Republic. 2015-2017

Let’s use our imagination — both as creative stitchers and creative thinkers — in order to lose our fear by interpreting what could have been the soul of ancient Egypt. After all, embroidery is one of the oldest textile endeavors. Its use was as important then as it is today.

“Still In Time” detail. 14th Łódź Triennale, Poland, 2013

“Still In Time” detail. 14th Łódź Triennale, Poland, 2013