Lillian Whipple: Taqueté Reflections

Heart of Africa

In the fall of 1971 I found a weaving class and fell in love with the process. In 1983 I discovered fine silk and initially wove bookmarks at 90 epi successfully. A blouse was next, and it was more challenging. Since then I’ve learned better control of beaming, using a finer reed and just relaxing.

Floral Kimono

In 1990 I was introduced to Taquete. I had been weaving Summer and Winter Polychrome, so this was a logical progression for me. I combined Taquete with my fine silk weaving. Mostly I weave small pieces for mounting on cards and wall hangings. While I weave yardage that I make into clothing, rarely is it woven in Taquete.

In 45 years I’ve continued to love to weave and find it very therapeutic.

Floral Kimono