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About us

First of all: We share a love of textiles!

Julia Galliker 8 x 10 reduced


Julia Galliker is a textile researcher with a focus on the technical characteristics of weft-faced compound weave figured silks from c. AD 500–1300. In addition, Julia is also a weaver.




Ines Bogensperger 8 x 10 reduced



Ines Bogensperger is a textile researcher focusing on late antique textiles from Egypt (c. AD 300–800).  Currently she studies documentary texts on papyrus to gain a better understanding of ancient textile production.


We met through participation in the ‘Textiles of the Nile Valley’ Study Group conferences hosted by Katoen Natie in Antwerp, Belgium http://www.headquarters-katoennatie.com/en/home and recognized our common interests.

One of our missions as academic researchers is to help bridge the gap between historic textile studies and practitioners. There is such a wealth of knowledge among textile artists that can be explored for research purposes. As a weaver, Julia is frequently surprised by the effect of slight material or technique changes on the final outcome. During the course of history, the textile arts have developed through shared community experience. Spiraltextile.com is our first international and interdisciplinary initiative to pursue this aim.